Friday, April 10, 2015

Kyoto Grape Oolong - Naivetea

Today, we have a beautiful grape oolong from Naivetea! First of all, the packaging for the teas I got from Naivetea is amazingly beautiful.

I decided to brew this in my glass teapot to get a nice view of the leaves unfurling...

Enough pictures though! Naivetea continues to amaze me with their infused oolongs. Each one is magical and perfectly flavored, avoiding the "fake" taste that some other teas have. This grape flavor tastes like I'm eating fresh concord grapes with the subtle flavor of a green oolong.

This is definitely a great tea to have!

Steeping instructions:
1tbsp/8oz/195 degrees/50 seconds

Until the next cup.

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