Thursday, March 12, 2015

2010 Da Ye Sheng Puerh - The Tea Kings

Today's tea is the 2010 Da Ye Sheng from The Tea Kings! Now, I'm relatively new to tea, so I'm also relatively new to puerh, leading to an interesting session starting with figuring out how exactly to break apart this extremely compressed toucha! Luckily, I purchased two of these toucha, so I found an opportunity to take the entire thing apart as an experiment (which didn't go so well...).
My feeble attempt at picking apart a toucha
Now, on to steeping! I steeped this with 6g of tea for a 100ml gaiwan. I rinsed the sheng quickly twice, then let the leaves sit for a short break. I started my steeping session with five second steeps and incremented from there accordingly.
Da Ye Sheng

The taste of this puerh is very smoky and wood-like. The further steeps added a slight sweetness to the golden-yellow tea, which balances the smokiness very nicely. I was able to get a nice 12 steeps from the 6g of sheng that I used in this session.
Steeping instructions:
6 grams, 100ml gaiwan, 185 degrees, 5 seconds (first steep)
Until the next cup.

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